JM Softeners have many years of experience of service and repairs of various makes of water softeners
including EcoWater, Kinetico, Waterside, Culligan, Aquadial, Ensign, Permutit, block salt softeners, Tapworks and many more.


We do not have a call out charge, just a fixed charge for the labour. This covers for the engineer to visit your home and carry out the repair regardless of how long the engineer is with you. In the event that the repair is serious or expensive the engineer will give you a full estimate prior to undertaking the repair, if at this stage you do not want to go ahead with the repair then we will charge you a reduced estimate charge.

To book a repair contact us on 0118 984 1500.


Some makes of water softener require routine servicing to keep them operating at their best.
A service includes: checking the controller settings, brine draw, backwash and flow rate (removing and cleaning the injector, flow ontroller or solenoid where necessary); checking all functions of the regeneration, backwash, brine draw & rinse, purge, brine refill; checking phases of operation and cycle times, efficiency and salt comsumption.

JM Softeners offer a fixed price service, call us on 0118 984 1500.

Health Check

If your water softener is over 8 years old, its been working hard to protect your showers, boiler, and other appliances. Why not give your water softener a little TLC.
Our health check includes: checking efficieny of brining and regeneration settings, thorough cleaning and lubrication of the valves, water test and resin treat to clean and restore your resin.

JM Softeners offer a fixed price health check, call us on 0118 984 1500.