EcoWater - The Intelligent Water Softener with WiFi Technology

EcoWater Water Softeners

EcoWater offer a range of water softeners for both domestic and commercial use. As a result of over 90 years experience and constant investment in new technology EcoWater water softeners are one the most efficient and reliable water softeners in the world. EcoWater softeners maintain high flow rates and low pressure loss making them ideal for direct mains fed supply systems.

The EcoWater eVOLUTION range features the Compact 100 and Compact 200 suitable for small to medium homes. The EcoWater eVOLUTION offers Smart Wi-Fi technology and infrared salt sensor, giving you the option to connect to your water softener from almost anywhere via the website or the EcoWater App, click here for more information.

The EcoWater eVOLUTION Power 500 range is ideal for large households or semi-commercial applications such as guest houses and small residential homes. Featuring the same technology as the Compact range, the Boost and Power range have the benefit of 1" connections ensuring that high flow rates and pressure is maintained.

Which EcoWater eVOLUTION Softener?

EcoWater eVolution Compact 100

Compact 100 Compact Water Softener

Small enough to fit under the kitchen sink, yet intelligent enough to accomodate occasional guests. With Smart WiFi Technology and salt sensor.

Compact 100 Specification
EcoWater eVolution Compact 200

Compact 200 Family Water Softener

Comfortably fits into a kitchen cabinet, and handles fluctuating demands efficiently and effortlessly, again with EcoWater's Smart WiFi Technology and salt sensor.

Compact 200 Specification
EcoWater eVolution Boost 300

Boost 300 & 400 Larger Households

The Boost range caters for larger households, with a 1" valve for faster flow rates and the Smart WiFi Technology and salt sensor.

Boost 300 Specification & Boost 400 Specification
EcoWater eVolution Boost 200 and Power 500 for larger households

Power 500 Higher Demand Softener

The Power range caters for large residental and semi-commerical applications, with the Smart WiFi Technology and salt sensor.

Power 500 Specification

*NEW for 2017* The EcoWater eVOLUTION Refiner Boost - an all in 1 water softener and filter system

EcoWater eVOLUTION Refiner Boost

The EcoWater eVOLUTION Refiner Boost is a whole house water softener and refiner ideal for people looking for the benefits soft water with the added advantage of reducing impurites including Chlorine, pestcides, herbicides and heavy metals.

All the benefits of the eVOULTION range:

  • Smart WiFI Technology
  • Infrared salt monitor - allowing your water softener to installed outside or in a garage.
  • Large opening and automatic salt compartment light
  • Large salt storage compartment - for less salt refills

Plus the benefits of a granular activated carbon filter:

  • Removes: chlorine, large organic molecules, Ozone, Vinyl chloride, pesticides, phenol, herbicides, benzenes, solvents, some heavy metals, VOCs)

For more information about the eVOLUTION Refiner Boost please download our leaflet.

EcoWater eVOLUTION Refiner

Smart Technology - WiFi and EcoWater App

Smart WiFi Technology

EcoWater eVOLUTION water softeners come with WiFi technology as standard, this means it is possible to monitor your system using the EcoWater App and it will even alert you via text or email when your salt level runs low or if there is excessive water comsumption. You can set up alerts and information according to your own personal preferences.

EcoWater Water Softeners

Technical features


Features include a 72 hour power loss back-up, a patented valve with Teflon® coated rotors to increase the life of moving seals, and a reinforced fibreglass resin tank, pressure tested to 8.6bar, with a 10 year replacement warranty (excluding labour).

Simple to use

EcoWater water softeners are totally automatic, ensuring have you soft water on demand. The water softener will automatically indicate when it needs more salt. There is a wide opening and automatic light in the salt compartment for ease of loading salt.


Proportional recharge, cleaning only the resin that has been used, using significantly less salt and water than a conventional softener. A counter current recharge protects moving parts from hard water, to reduce the need for routine servicing.


With a smart memory for more efficient recharge; every day the softener monitors your water usage, to build a profile of the household water use adapting to work at maximum efficiency. It can even alert you if you have a water leak in the home. The Smart WiFI technology® now alerts you via the app, text or email.

High performance

The regeneration not only refreshes the resin, but repacks and mixes the resin for reliable soft water by ensuring even flow of water throughout the resin bed. Fully compatible with direct and pressurised heating systems, maintaining high flow rates.


Ecowater is one of the UK’s carbon neutral companies. An Ecowater softener can reduce your carbon footprint, saving you money in the process and benefiting the environment.


Intoducing the EcoWater eVOLUTION range - new for 2017

John explains why JM Softeners have chosen to supplier EcoWater Water Softeners.

For more information about EcoWater Systems and their water softeners visit EcoWater Systems UK.

EcoWater Reviews

"Great Service"

After doing some research we selected the EcoSystem water softener and RO system…The installation was done very professionally. The system was made to fit perfectly in our kitchen with a very high level of workmanship. There are no negative points to this rating and we will recommend JM Softeners as well as the Eco System to family and friends.

"Just what we wanted"

Looking for a water softener system looked daunting with many different ones on the market. After contacting JM Softeners and someone coming out to talk to us and explaining thoroughly what our options were, we felt happy and trusted them to install what we had agreed. They came when they said they would and installed perfectly our new ecowater system. The difference in our water was apparent almost immediately and we are extremely pleased we had this done and with a good company who we would be happy to recommend.

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